Registered trademark in Italy and in Europe. Labels can not be reproduced as watermarked and numbered, are warranty as stated by the label affixed by the Manufacturer Truth.

Etichetta AVORIO   Etichetta ORO


In Assopiuma renewed its commitment towards end consumers and created a new, single cream laid label (replacing the coloured labels). The new label is numbered and cannot be reproduced, as a guarantee that the information declared by the manufacturer on the “Etichetta Verità” (“Truth Label”) is true and correct.

There are two labels on member companies’ products:

  • the manufacturer’s label – the manufacturer is responsible for the products’ qualitative and quantitative composition which is described in detail on the “Etichetta Verità”;
  • the Assopiuma label – through tough and regular tests on manufactured products and industrial processes, Assopiuma guarantees that the information given on its label by member companies is true and correct.

The new label results from CEN activities which, after some years of work, led to the European standard UNI EN 12934 “feather and down – composition labelling of processed feather and down for use as sole filling material”.

Following the approval of the above-mentioned EN, which was agreed upon by the standardisation bodies of all the EU member states, Assopiuma decided to substitute the new, single, irreproducible, cream laid numbered label for the old multicolour one.

In an unregulated market, Assopiuma’s commitment is the best guarantee for the composition of filling material, the percentage of feather and down and the compliance with the appropriate hygienic requirements, as provided for by the Italian law (Italy is the only European country with a specific law in this field).

Since 2004, The Association, advancing  a very general desire to highlight and promote Italian products,  states that ASSOPIUMA label  may be affixed only to the product worked in Italy.
Thus was born the new label MADE IN ITALY.

But another important innovation is dated 2004, after years of study is created the GOLD stuffing specifically designed for the upholstered furniture, which boasts the following features:

  • “PURE GOOSE,” according to UNI EN 12934 Table 3: The filling is made from 100% – 90% goose and 0% – 9.9% duck
  • CLASS 1, according to UNI EN 12934 Chart 1: The filling must have a quantity of broken feathers up to a maximum of 5%

A composition that provides high-performance cushions

The gold label is extended to the upholstered bed that have a filling consists of: MINIMUM 90% goose down

Since 2006 ASSOPIUMA has been associated to EDFA (European Down & Feather Association) with whom he had always worked for the development of technical and regulatory projects and he has inserted on their labels, their logo, this at confirmation of a development more and more integrated among skills and knowledge of all European countries.