Feather and down go through a highly technological industrial process to meet high quality, hygiene and safety standards.

The process is divided into six phases: de-dusting, washing, centrifuging, drying, cooling, sorting. These processes take place in special assembly lines:


Dust removing machines remove dust and dirt from feather and down. A rotating shaft in a cylinder agitates the material while dust is discharged in special bags.


Washing takes place in big washing machines. It removes grease and dirt. The quantity of water needed for the washing process depends on the type of washing machine and on the characteristics of the raw material, but normally 30 litres of water are required for 1 kilogram of feathers. The most advanced washing machines can be electronically controlled: the number of washing cycles, water temperature, rinsing times can vary in order to guarantee the best results. During the washing phase, chemical agents are added to guarantee high hygiene and health standards. The rinsing phase can be repeated three to five times. A large amount of water is needed to remove all possible residues.


Elimination of exceeding water.


The material is dried and sanitised in order to meet the criteria of the Italian law (as set out in decree D.M. 10/11/76 N.315).


This phase takes place in the cooling room.


During this phase, down and feathers are separated by an adjustable airflow.


It is not always possible to produce finished feather and down with absolutely even specifications at an industrial level because it is difficult to perfectly separate down from small feathers and filaments during the manufacturing process (the tuft and the filaments get caught in the barbules of the smallest and lightest down and feather, and can not always be sorted out). From a commercial point of view, it is indeed essential to sort out various types of fillings with different specifications, according to the blends and the use for which they are intended. In terms of use and price, there is quite a difference between new and reprocessed material.


Uno dei maggiori utilizzi di piuma e piumino naturali oggi è nel settore dell’abbigliamento (giacche, pantaloni, cappelli, guanti) e dei sacchi letto, o sacchi a pelo così come nell’arredamento.

L’Assopiuma direttamente o tramite le aziende associate che operano nel settore della piuma e del piumino, si batte e collabora affinché i prodotti “made in Italy” accrescano il loro consolidato successo sui mercati di tutto il mondo.
Un piccolo merito spetta anche alla piuma.


trapuntaIn alpine huts and in hotels and homes in northern countries, comfortable and soft natural feather and down quilts are traditionally used. You might wonder: how is it possible that such a light quilt keeps me warm in such a cold weather? The answer comes by itself the next day as you wake up: your quilt provides you with the necessary warmth to sleep comfortably in cold nights, it is not heavy and it does not make you sweat.
This can happen on condition that it has been manufactured with genuine feathers or down, that are the only filling material that can provide lightness, fluffiness, warmth. The origins of quilts date back to centuries ago.
The reasons for this success are their high insulating capacity and the fact that they allow the body to “breathe” freely, without burdening it with useless weight.
This kind of quilt guarantees warm and heavenly sleep.



Italy has recently witnessed a strong interest in “natural” products. In the wake of this huge success, the role of feather and down as filling material for upholstery should not be neglected: excellent and costly sofas and armchairs are upholstered with these precious products.

Many architects have designed feather and down upholstered articles, showing that this natural product by no means interferes with their creativity.

Goose and duck feathers are highly valued also for upholstery, their properties (low flammability, for example) giving maximum comfort to the product.

It is necessary to use the appropriate type of filling, according to each specific purpose. Thus, its original quality will not deteriorate with time: the best cushions and backrests bear the Assopiuma label as a guarantee of the quality of the filling material.

Sofas and armchairs upholstered with feather and down do not require much care: if sagging (by the pressure of the body), just shake to restore the product to its original shape. Comfort and beauty are guaranteed.

The utmost care for “total quality” is then combined with equal care for fabrics and leather. The structure and outer cover must allow the circulation of air so that feather and down can reach their full potential in terms of elastic recovery and filling power – two of their typical properties.

Assopiuma is deeply committed to support Italian products and consolidate their position in international markets, both directly and through its member companies. Its success is also due to the quality of feather and down.


abbigliamentoFashion has recently made remarkable progress, from the old bare and cold anoraks of the 50s to the modern soft, warm and light items.

Nevertheless, even when fashion focused on manufacturing technology, new fabrics and new colours, Assopiuma renewed its commitment to natural filling materials. Chemistry could not undermine the role of down as first choice filling material for the most risky adventures on the world’s highest mountains and coldest regions. Down filled jackets still have a key role in the Poles and in the Himalayan region, as well as in cities.

What is the reason for the huge success of natural filling in the clothing sector? First, feather and down are the best insulating materials: they absorb great amounts of air, thus creating a barrier between our body and cold weather.

In addition, down is very light and waterproof; it can be compressed and easily restored to its original shape.

Sleeping bags

sacchiapeloFor manufactured leisure (sleeping bags), the construction can be carried out normally chess or square (with seam loops) or longitudinal channels; transverse or herringbone or honeycomb, of rectangular shape with cap or anatomical preformed until the model mummy, equipped with arms and strongly tapered to the feet. The package provides hermetic sealing correct zip protected by taping, interior pockets and double transformation, coupled with zipper, padding and differentiated between land-base side and outer side.

Assopiuma directly or through associated companies working in the field, fights and works to ensure that these important sectors of the “made in Italy” accrescano its proven success in markets around the world. A little about will also be up to the feather.